Saturday, February 4, 2012


We have a great new opportunity to exhibit at the Textile Center February 22 thru March 17th. It is only a few short days away, Sheryl Schwyhart had a space opening and since I had been discussing us doing a show there she called to see if we would be interested. The show will be called Focal Point. We hope that the majority of you will participate! I know it is short notice, but I think it is a great chance to show our collective body of work.

  • We are trying to have at least 20 art quilt pieces that have not been exhibited before at the Textile Center.
  • Sheryl has asked that we hang and take down the show as well, any volunteers? Feb 21will be the hanging and March 19th will be the tear down.
  • Please send a low resolution image with your name, title, and dimensions in the file name (Conrad_Jennifer_Serendipity_21x22) to Jen Schultz and myself by February 12th, we will need to compile the images to give to Sheryl.
  • The quilts need to be dropped off or mailed to the Textile Center by February 16-18th with the attached agreement filled out and a hanging device. We will be able to have our pieces for sale, please keep that in mind when making your selection as well.
  • We may be able to accept more than one quilt depending on the response from the group, based on size and quantity. We would like to have as many artists as possible on display.
  • We will be exhibiting in the Community Gallery space, Sheryl reserves the right for final selection of the pieces base on size and a cohesive display.

Thank you in advance for your assistance! Any questions? Contact Jen Schultz at 612-702-5734 or Jennifer Conrad at 443-255-6740.

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