Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seeking Consultant

Recently received...
Subject: inquiry about large-scale quilts

Hi there, Jennifers!

ACC has received a request for help from Habitat for Humanity – they are beginning a large scale, collaborative quilting project and need some guidance on how to effectively manage the project. Their goal is to complete a 10’ x 30’ quilt made of bits of collected fabric sent in by housing residents. Unfortunately we do not have any specific experience in this area and are wondering if you could help put us in touch with a quilter who might have worked on a similar type of project who would be willing to lend their expertise.

Thanks so much!

Alanna Nissen
Office Coordinator, American Craft Council

1224 Marshall Street NE
Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Office: 800-836-3470 / 612-206-3100
Direct: 612-206-3120

Meeting Minutes for Jan. 19, 2013

Meeting held at The Lyric at 10:30am; 17 members attended.

SAQA MN Show at MQ, Duluth MN, June 13-15:
The theme of our SAQA MN exhibit at the MQ show in June 2013 is Landscape & Nature. This decision was reached by polling the membership via email, and was ratified by the group attending the January meeting. Rose Allen is co-directing exhibitions for MQ and will soon make available the entry form for works.
Specifics of the work to be offered by SAQA MN members: Each piece must have dimensions of 14x20 inches, oriented either vertically or horizontally. In addition, each member showing work will be asked to prepare the following: By March 16 (the date of our next meeting) have the Title and Orientation of your 14x20 inch work ready to report. By April 15: Fill out your Entry Form (coming soon from Rose Allen). Prepare a Bio and/or Artist Statement, 100 words in length. Write a Description for your entry, no more than 25 words long. Provide a digital or scannable head-shot, which will be displayed (2x2 inches or so) with your artwork and Bio/Artist Statement at the MQ show.

The March 16 deadline for the Title and orientation are to help Rose plan the exhibit.
Info due April 15 allows Rose to include a listing of your work in the MQ show-book, and gives SAQA MN Jennifers time to format your Bio/AS and head shot prior to including them in the display.

Other Notes: Janet Hovde's work was featured in print in the Star Tribune newspaper by critic Mary Abbe, part of an article about the 40th Anniversary of WARM, the Women's Art Registry of MN. Janet also has a large number of works in a show entitled "Art Heals," at the Hudson Hospital in Hudson WI, January 16-April 14, 2013.
Congrats Janet! 

Susan Stein will be showing work at North Heights Lutheran of Arden Hills. Jennifer Conrad has work in a Fiber Artists Coalition show in Lacrosse WI; and will have work in another FAC show at the Textile Center in May 2013. 
 Tina Hughes sharing some recent challenge pieces and experimental work. 

Cyndi Kae Meier sharing recent work. 

Thanks to all who made it to the meeting. Looking forward to everyone's new work for our exhibit in June! 

Writing Samples from the SAQA MN Meeting

We have digital copies of the documents shared at the last meeting: Artist Bios, Resumes and more, examples of self-promotional documentation that every artist should keep on hand and up to date. These samples are available as Pages on this blog. Thanks to Jennifer Conrad for making this presentation at the meeting! Requests for copies can be directed to Jennifer C., at, or Jennifer S, at

New Website for Peggy Wright!

I had a very old website done in old technology, and I wanted to create a new website in WordPress because I wanted to update my site and to include a blog.

I hope to do a blog post at least once a week. My first post is up.

I intend to have an ongoing category called color, in which I will discuss color for fiberartists. I will put up the first post next week.

I still have things I want to do on the site, like being able to click on the graphic on my home page to go to other pages, but I have to spend time figuring it out.

I would not say that WordPress is easy, but part of the problem may be that I have too much experience with HTML. I wanted to do things that I could do in DreamWeaver, and it has taken me time to figure them out in WordPress. If you are going to do a WordPress site, I recommend buying a template that is good for sites with a lot of photos. I am using Photocrati. I could probably have built the site from scratch, but I want to make fiberart, not websites.

Peggy Wright
Ruby Wings Designs
1438 Stanford Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105

Friday, January 11, 2013

Agenda, January 19, 10:30am

The following topics have been identified for our January 19th SAQA MN meeting. If you have items to ADD to this agenda, please let us know ahead of time. Thanks!

Discussion of the Textile Center members show, "A Common Thread," opening January 18!

Deadlines for SAQA MN shows: MQ in June, SAQA Auction, other opportunities.

Preparing your CV/Bio/Personal Pic for the SAQA MN shows (and beyond!)


Show n Tell time

Brainstorming around our design topic for the MQ show in Duluth, work time and sketching...

Schedule the next meeting: March 16th or 23rd?

SAQA MN Survey Results

Here are the results for our recent Survey Monkey survey. Response was a little low... but, those who vote can be assured their interests are registered and represented.

Question 1: "I feel my SAQA MN groups meets"... Often enough for me, 81.3% of respondents; Not frequently enough, 18.8% of respondents; Too often, 0%.

Question 2: "As a SAQA MN member who attends meetings, I enjoy"... Guest speakers at our meetings, 93.3% of respondents; Show n Tell time, 86.7%; related topic discussions, 66.7%.

Question 3: "As a SAQA MN member, I would appreciate more"... Guest speakers and demonstrations, 78.6%.

Question 4: "I am interested in participating in regular SAQA MN group shows"... 100% of respondents (not surprisingly).

Question 5: "For the next SAQA MN group show at the 2013 Minnesota Quilters' Conference, I would most enjoy working on this theme"... LANDSCAPE AND NATURE, 43.8%; Texts, Words & Literature, 36.5%; Maps & Travel, 18.8%. (Please note: only 16 people responded to the survey; 7 people prefer Landscape and 6 people prefer Texts as the theme. We may need to discuss this more.)

Question 6 had to do with interest in becoming a SAQA MN co-rep; 2 people said they would be willing to do this and 5 people indicated interest with a need for more information. We have already identified one person interested in being a new co-rep, to be appointed in the fall of 2013; the two Jennifers will be done with their term in September of 2013. *If you are one of the people interested in learning more, please contact one of the Jennifers directly, and we will happily answer your questions about this valuable position!