Sunday, February 26, 2012

Upcoming Meeting

First of all a special thank you to those of you who participated in the Textile Center show: "Focal Point". We managed to turn around a show in two weeks! Bravo!!! Also thank you to the members who help to hang the show, it was greatly appreciated and it looks great! The Community Gallery and Library offered limited wall space but I think the representation and the flow of the exhibit turned out exceptionally! The opening reception for the Mondale Gallery is on March 2 in the evening for any of you who like to attend. We will have great exposure both from the Textile Center and the SAQA website.

There has been concern around the change of our next meeting to March 3rd, rather than March 10th. Jen and I had to choose a different date because The Lyric space we use was already booked for the 10th; this space is free to us, and it was difficult to secure another space with limited funds, so we had to make a decision. I have planned ahead for May 12th and have secured the space so this won't happen again. I recognize that this conflicts with MN Quilters meeting. I apologize for that! The 17th was an option but we weren't sure if that would be any better date. Please let Jen and I know if you are able to attend on the 3rd. Guest speaker Stephanie Forsyth will give a short presentation on Studio Upgrades. An agenda will be forthcoming.

Please bring your "Best Foot Forward" piece for show and tell even if it is a work in progress. Our hope is that based on the deadlines per SAQA guidelines we may each need two pieces completed, so we have something for the special exhibit for the MN Quilt show in Rochester.

We will have a guest speaker at the May 12th meeting to discuss photographing your artwork, and you may also have your work photographed by the speaker at that meeting! I will have a sign-up sheet and pricing to share at the next meeting. If you are unable to attend we could make arrangements to drop off your quilts to be photographed. I will email the sign-up sheet and info, have it posted on the blog.
Thank you for your assistance and understanding!

Happy creating!
~ Jennifer Conrad

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