Monday, January 23, 2012

SAQA MN Challenge: Deadline May 1, 2012

Best Foot Forward - MN SAQA Challenge!

SAQA asks for donations of a 1ft square art quilt for the on-line reverse auction that is our largest fund-raiser. Last year it brought in over $52K for our organization. A few of our regional members have donated in the past and have found it quite rewarding. This year the quilts will be sold at Houston at the International Quilt Festival and the on-line auction.

Members of SAQA MN would like to see our group create TWO 1ft square artworks: One that could be donated to the auction and one to be part of our special exhibit at the MQ show in Rochester. The goal is to have all the works completed by May 1st. (Early bird deadline for SAQA auction is March 16, final deadline is June 1.) We will need to prepare for the MQ show and calculate how many pieces we will have. If you would like to make two pieces, one could be sent off early for the auction and one could be used for the MQ show.

The goal is to have fun and explore the creative process. Working in a smaller size has many advantages and can inspire you to try a new technique or abstract a previous design. At our next meeting there will be an opportunity for everyone to speak about what they are doing and what their creative process was for creating the 1ft art quilt. It would be great if you could bring your work (or work in progress) for show and tell!

Thank you for your continued participation and input! If you have questions please contact Jennifer Conrad, MN Regional Co-rep.

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