Monday, March 4, 2013

Meeting Reminder!

Just a quick reminder, our next SAQA meeting is March 16 at the Lyric! At 10:30am. 
Please remember to bring your information for the SAQA exhibit at MQ! As we noted in January:
"SAQA MN Show at MQ, Duluth MN, June 13-15:
The theme of our SAQA MN exhibit at the MQ show in June 2013 is Landscape & Nature. This decision was reached by polling the membership via email, and was ratified by the group attending the January meeting. Rose Allen is co-directing exhibitions for MQ and will soon make available the entry form for works.
Specifics of the work to be offered by SAQA MN members: Each piece must have dimensions of 14x20 inches, oriented either vertically or horizontally. In addition, each member showing work will be asked to prepare the following: By March 16 (the date of our next meeting) have the Title and Orientation of your 14x20 inch work ready to report. By April 15: Fill out your Entry Form (coming soon from Rose Allen). Prepare a Bio and/or Artist Statement, 100 words in length. Write a Description for your entry, no more than 25 words long. Provide a digital or scannable head-shot, which will be displayed (2x2 inches or so) with your artwork and Bio/Artist Statement at the MQ show.

The March 16 deadline for the Title and orientation are to help Rose plan the exhibit.
Info due April 15 allows Rose to include a listing of your work in the MQ show-book, and gives SAQA MN Jennifers time to format your Bio/AS and head shot prior to including them in the display."

Jennifer Conrad will not be able to make the next meeting, as she'll be traveling for work. If you have any ideas for this week's agenda please let me know! Thanks,
Jen S.

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