Friday, January 11, 2013

SAQA MN Survey Results

Here are the results for our recent Survey Monkey survey. Response was a little low... but, those who vote can be assured their interests are registered and represented.

Question 1: "I feel my SAQA MN groups meets"... Often enough for me, 81.3% of respondents; Not frequently enough, 18.8% of respondents; Too often, 0%.

Question 2: "As a SAQA MN member who attends meetings, I enjoy"... Guest speakers at our meetings, 93.3% of respondents; Show n Tell time, 86.7%; related topic discussions, 66.7%.

Question 3: "As a SAQA MN member, I would appreciate more"... Guest speakers and demonstrations, 78.6%.

Question 4: "I am interested in participating in regular SAQA MN group shows"... 100% of respondents (not surprisingly).

Question 5: "For the next SAQA MN group show at the 2013 Minnesota Quilters' Conference, I would most enjoy working on this theme"... LANDSCAPE AND NATURE, 43.8%; Texts, Words & Literature, 36.5%; Maps & Travel, 18.8%. (Please note: only 16 people responded to the survey; 7 people prefer Landscape and 6 people prefer Texts as the theme. We may need to discuss this more.)

Question 6 had to do with interest in becoming a SAQA MN co-rep; 2 people said they would be willing to do this and 5 people indicated interest with a need for more information. We have already identified one person interested in being a new co-rep, to be appointed in the fall of 2013; the two Jennifers will be done with their term in September of 2013. *If you are one of the people interested in learning more, please contact one of the Jennifers directly, and we will happily answer your questions about this valuable position! 

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