Sunday, November 13, 2011

November SAQA: "Inspiration" at The Lyric!

Thanks to Co-rep Jennifer Conrad for offering the use of The Lyric building's stunning common room for the November SAQA meeting! SAQA gets to use this space for free, because The Lyric is an "artist-friendly" residential development and SAQA is an artists' group.

Here's Jennifer C. (standing, right) giving her presentation on Artists' Inspirations, which included a slideshow of excerpts from SAQA Portfolio 18.

We viewed the slide show, then broke into small groups of 4 to discuss the following questions:

1. What led you to become an art quilter?

2. What presently informs and inspires your artistic process? What other mediums do you use when not quilting?

3. What would help you grow as an artists? What challenges you?

As a means of getting to know each other a little better, each small group member took a turn reporting the results of her "interview" of another group member, after a half hour of lively discussion. Some artists brought items to show, on the Inspiration theme, and presented these as their turns arose. We didn't quite get through all the group reporting, and will spend a few minutes finishing that process at the January meeting. It was a fascinating look at the inspirations and work habits of our fellow art quilters! I especially enjoyed getting to know some artists I've admired from afar at meetings, but haven't had the nerve to approach. :-)

Top 10 answers: "What would help you grow as an artist?"

1. More TIME and PERMISSION (from self) to work

2. More SAQA activities and interactions with other artists

3. Learning new techniques

4. Travel (time, funds) to workshops and symposia

5. PRACTICE/Increased confidence

6. Finding a VOICE/creating a body of work

7. Increased FOCUS and self-discipline

8. Dedicated STUDIO SPACE

9. Having a mentor

10. More knowledge of SAQA professional resources

Many thanks to Cyndi Meier, Susan Stein (former co-reps) and to everyone able to attend the meeting, for their positive feedback and enthusiastic participation!

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, January 14th at The Lyric. Short business meeting and Work/Play Day! Developing 12x12 square quilts for donation to the SAQA auction in April. Brown Bag! Please bring your own snacks and supplies; cutting stations and ironing board/irons as well as beverages provided. Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. The November meeting was wonderful and I am looking forward to the January one. The theme of Inspiration was great. I think having a theme to ponder on for another meeting and then present work that we think fits that theme is a great idea.

    Talking about, through, etc the creation of a possible 12"x12" block for the SAQA Reverse Auction will be interesting. Everyone has such diverse styles, voices, techniques that it will be interesting to see what each comes up with. For myself, working in this small of a format is very difficult but I have done it three other times for the SAQA auction in previous years.
    Hope to see more MN SAQA members at future meetings so I can get to know more artists. Sometimes we are very isolated in our studios and these bi-monthly meetings are great for us to talk to others who "get it".